Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Letter to Hal O. Ween

Dear Hal,

I really don't want to hurt your feelings or cause you any pain. But I feel that I must be honest with you and so I am writing this letter, in hopes that it will cause you to explore your inner self. Maybe you will sift through the seeds of your orange life and come away with an understanding of what you really are.

Oh Hal, you are so very entertaining. I see your withered hand, motioning me closer to the bags of candy at Walmart. I see your dark colored apparel displayed, and your tools of deception and mayhem. We love to be afraid. You love to take advantage of that. It's rather entertaining to pretend we are evil. But, let me ask you something Hal. Do you really truly believe that given the chance, we would want to actually come face to face, with a real live zombie? Why would we want to come within touching distance of a real ghoul, vampire or ax murderer? That is just insane.

You do succeed often in your quest to bring us down to your level. We eat tons of food that is harmful to our bodies. We delight in evil and destruction. And for two or three weeks, we are dedicated to fantasy. Today is the culmination of all your plans. You will be celebrated as countless children go door to door, threatening harm if they aren't given what they want. Countless youth will take sadistic pleasure in the spreading of toilet paper. But....but tomorrow, what will be left Hal? Candy wrappers on the ground. Trees wrapped in white. Deflated pumpkins and ghosts. Rotting Jack-o-lanterns.

Do you feel it? Do you feel the breath on your neck? Yes, you had your day in the sun, or moon as it were, but there is something fast on your heels that will blow you out of the cesspool.......

The Christmas Season. Oh yes Hal. You may have one good day, but Christmas has a SEASON. As soon as you have spent your day of ghoulish pleasure, you are over. But the Christmas season is more than just a day. And this celebration my friend, is one of glory and light and happiness. Would we like to come face to face with an angel? Of course we would. And we all wait for the day when we actually see Jesus! What a celebration!!! You Hal, are about death and unhappiness. Christmas is about joy, peace, expectation, life and salvation. There is no comparison. For the next two months, we will eat, breathe, and sleep Christmas. You are finished. The babe in the manger has overcome. And you know what Hal? A few select folks may think about you from time to time through the year, but we try to think about Christ every single day. We honor Him every Sunday. We live for him. Can you say that? No, I don't think you can.

So Hal. Enjoy your day. Take advantage of your short time. Tomorrow you will be a distant memory.

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