Monday, October 5, 2009

Happiness is a Root Canal

That was posted on the equipment you see while sitting in the endodontist's chair. Maybe for you Doc.

I have had root canals before and was fine with them, so I wasn't afraid or anxious. Nevertheless, I prayed for God's peace and that it would go easily and quickly. As in prior episodes, after we thought the area was sufficiently numbed, the drill proved otherwise. More shots, woo hoo. Finally we were able to proceed in a pain free manner. For a while, I was just fine, then for some strange reason, I began feeling a bit anxious and uncomfortable. I can't explain why, as nothing spurred the jolt of adrenalin, but I started praying again for Jesus to give me peace, and I almost immediately calmed down and felt fine. Whew!

The doctor regaled me with anecdotes about having treated Jermaine Taylor, his (the doc's) huge house in the woods, behind a big gate, mice in his camping trailer, and all the places he'd traveled. When all was finished, I sat up and my head began to spin. After settling down a little, I was able to walk without tilting and we made it home with no problems. My brain is still a little fuzzy, I suppose from the huge amount of deadening medicine it took. And as I write this, the feeling is coming back and it feels a bit achy.

Some people really have a terrible time with a dentist and it's a major production when they have a procedure. All in all I think this was pretty smooth. I admit, I didn't handle it as well as the last time, but I'm several years older now, and that kind of digging and tugging seems to effect me a bit more than it used to. In any case, it's worth it to keep my own teeth. :)


Lisa said...

OUCH OUCH OUCH! I'm scared that is what I'm going to have to have and I've never had one...I'm a baby when it comes to the dentist. :(

Y said...

If you're in pain before the procedure, believe me it's much worse than the root canal itself. Miss B, I've had the same experience and attributed it to the huge amount of novicaine or whatever it is they use, also. Hang onto them teeth!