Friday, October 16, 2009

Smooth and Easy

I've been wanting a blender for a very long time. I just wouldn't spend the money to buy one, even though they aren't expensive. I found a used one in perfect condition at a local flea market and took that little jem home.

My first try at using it was a success. I wanted a smoothie. So, I broke up a banana, tossed in five or six cut up strawberries, a container of plain lowfat vanilla yogurt and the juice from one orange. Wow! Talk about good! I get my fruits and it's something that seems like a dessert. The next time, I'll make sure to use lowfat, sugar free yogurt. I need to be watching my sugar intake.

I'm going to try to use some pineapple, fat free milk and whatever else I find that's handy the next time. I would love to find some good vegetable recipes to use. This seems to be a great way of getting the food I need, in a form that I can enjoy. And it is a great snack.

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