Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What Not Wednesday #3

I don't know how many more of these my poor brain can come up with, but here are five more things I am not.

1. Imaginative.
I can't really come up with good ideas. Give me one and I can run with it, but I have a real problem with thinking outside the box. I just have to see it to understand, or use it as a jump off point.

2. Stupid.
I may be naive, but I'm not dumb. I can be fooled, but not because I have no sense. Just because I trust folks and take things at face value. I am not college educated, but I like to think I have a good brain and common sense. I know a little about sewing and painting, and I think I'm a pretty fair hand at the english language and spelling. (I use spell check constantly, because I can't stand the thought of misspelling a word.) I can create a budget and stick with it. I can use tools when needed. If I don't know something, I can sure google it. When I worked at the county library, I was a minor whiz at the computer, but it has passed me by now and I do well to blog. Things change so quickly with electronics.

3. Thin.
I am definitely overweight according to health care gurus. But, I am not globby or unsightly fat. Would I like to weigh 100 pounds again? No, I would look sickly. Would I like to loose 10, 15, 20 pounds? Of course! I'd love to be one of those beautiful women on the diet commercials who stand there in their bikini bodies looking so svelt. Never happen. I'm too short, too dumpy, too old and my body just won't cooperate. And I sure can't get all my meals in the mail. But, at age 51, I'm trying to accept who and what I am, and how I look. Try being the key word here, and it ain't so bad.

4. A Spendthrift.
I don't spend much money. Boy, would I love to, but you can't spend what you don't have. And even when I was working, and had more, I didn't spend much of it. I just learned the habit of saving. Sure is a good thing since I have to really watch the budget now.

5. A Clothes Horse.
I've always cared about how I looked and dressed and never wanted to look like I just grabbed any old thing to put on. But even though I love nice clothes and shoes, I don't buy many. At one time, when I worked for my mother-in-law who owned a dress shop, I had more clothes than I could wear and spent more than I made on them. I look back on that time and wonder what I was thinking. Yes, you have to dress the part when you are selling clothes, but I didn't need all that stuff. I wish I had realized that a few nicer pieces are all you really need. (thank you Stacy and Clinton) Since that time, I usually wear something until it falls apart or is so out of style that it's embarrassing. I frequently purge my closet of things that no longer fit too. I don't hold on to something hoping to get back into it. I only own 16 pairs of shoes, three pair of them are worn out boots. That may sound like a lot to a man, but to a woman, that's nothing. I figured out last Sunday that one pair of shoes is about 12 years old. There are no holes in the soles...ha! a funny... and they are still servicable and not shabby. Thus they are still worn.

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Lisa said...

I was looking at old pics nopt long ago and seen me...maybe, 10 or 12 years ago thinking I looked good. Please...I looked anorexic. Like you I would love to lose 10 or 20 lbs but not so much that I'm going to starve myself.