Thursday, October 1, 2009

Following and Denver

I woke up this morning thinking about my blog and followers for some strange reason. And that old song by John Denver started worming around in my ear...Follow me up and down, all the way, all around... At one time I was all about me some John Denver. I still like his music, but I just like it now, whereas I loved it back in the day. I can remember playing him on my old stereo system that was housed in a fake wooden box. I had a turn table, a radio and an 8-track tape player. I did download a couple of his songs onto my ipod a while back and listen to it sometimes. At this stage, I mostly listen to upbeat songs good for working out.

So, anyway, the following thing. I don't have many followers. I can see from my live traffic feed that I have a few folks who read me. I wish they would add themselves as followers though. It would be nice to see who they are. You know, that traffic feed is a tricky thing. Even when I log on to my site, it may show me being from Sheridan, or Vilonia, or somewhere else I've never been. I guess my dsl provider is in several different areas or something. Hard to understand that.

I know that I am not as worldly interesting as most bloggers. I was raised pretty much in the same town all my life, and was isolated. I don't have a lot of experiences to draw on that I can share with the public. At times I have poured out some pretty personal stuff, but most times I wind up taking it back and rewording it if I repost it at all. I get to feeling a bit exposed I guess. Anyone I know can ask me pretty much anything and I will answer it truthfully. I'm an open book, but to think that strangers are reading my innermost thoughts and whining sometimes bothers me.

Sometimes when I wake up in the night or early morning with a post idea, it leaves me before I can get it down. Luckily, this one stayed with me. Well... I guess that's a matter of opinion... follow me up and down, all the way all around....take my hand and say you'll follow me......


Y said...

!^%$#@$@#!!! I wrote something pretty good for me and managed to lose it! Readers Digest version: Miss B, keep writing, just as you have been. You're a daily touchstone and blessing for me (and I suspect others that are checking in). Your normal and 'not as worldly interesting' writings are just the thing we can all use in this crazy world! We can find PLENTY of exotic and 'worldly' all over the internet without even trying.

PS 8-track! What a blast from the past! Thanks for that visual!!! :D

LeLe said...

If you're wondering where the person from Maryland is, it's me if I read you at work. I guess our servers are in Maryland.

P.S. You're a dork for quoting John Denver but I love you for exposing me to music. Kids these days have no clue who that guy is or even bands I listened to in high school.

Lisa said...

I've been blogging for 4 years and all the time something will happen and I'll think "I'm blogging this!" then I forget!!!
I don't have a lot fo people who read me...or at least they don't comment on blogger but I have some awesome friends on Multiply from way back on yahoo360 before they shut down. Blogger is different but I'm determined to figure it out!