Saturday, October 3, 2009

Chapter 3

I had high hopes of trying to list one good truth from each chapter of Proverbs as I read one a day in October. Good luck with picking just one! Every single chapter is jam packed full of truth and teaching that one just isn't possible. You could study each chapter by itself for weeks and still not get it all.

Keep my commands in your heart, for they will prolong your life and bring you prosperity. Prov 3:1
Will I be rich if I keep God's commands? Not monetarily, but this kind of rich is incomparable. What would it be like to be rich in the Lord? To be so rich with his wisdom and righteousness that you were "rolling in dough"?

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. Prov 3:5
We've all either heard or quoted this countless times. It bears repeating. His ways are not our ways and he knows what he's doing.

The Lord disciplines those he loves. Prov 3:12
Discipline = teaching and training, not punishment. That is not to say he doesn't allow us to reap what we sow.

Hold on to sound judgment and will calm your fear. Prov 3: 23-2 (the B_Lines translation)
If we are wise in the Lord, and do what he says, why should we fear?

Note to self.

I woke up at 3:30 a.m. with a headache. Probably due to leaving the windows open all night, and the cool weather. I just couldn't stand not to. I took some ibuprophen and eventually it eased the pain, but I never went back to sleep. That is unusual. I gave up and got up before 6:30, after laying there tossing and turning for hours. Then I took an Excedrine Migraine. The pain is still floating around in there and I am feeling a bit icky from all the meds. The only way to completely rid myself of the pain is to take a Relpax, and it makes me so sick I'd rather hurt. At least I had a quiet morning to read my Bible and think.

I've had a little of what you might call Cabin Fever. I can go anytime I like, do anything I really want (within reason) so it's not like I'm snowed in without electricity. But I'm restless and moody. I have a long list of things I could be doing, and I'd be ok doing any one of them, but I'm just not in the mood.

My new hair cut is not behaving as I'd like, not due to hairdresser fail, just because it has a mind of its own. So, I spent some time this morning doing a little clipping of my own. I've been known to cut my own hair frequently. Most of the time I don't mess it up. Most of the time. I'm not sure how it will behave now, but it's just another chapter in my long life of hair hit and misses. I'm never satisfied. I'd love and I mean LOVE to be one of those women, who find their perfect hair style and are happy with it forever.


LeLe said...

I must get the hair thing from you (not the cutting, the not being able to find a hairdo). Constantly wanting a new haircut. Wish I could find one and stick with it but then I'd probably just get bored.

Hope your head is better.

B Lines said...

Well, I'm going to go back to the hairdresser for some tweaking. It's just not cooperating, but I think when she cuts the back up a little, it will be more to my liking. Since it's a "trendy" do, I will probably not keep it for the long haul. But then, I never do anyway.

SupahMommy said...

I"m repeating over and over in my head .. "trust in the lord.." for our little jaden