Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thoughtful Thursday


Millington, TN, Camp Lejune, VA, Bethesda, MD, Shreveport, LA, Rison, AR, Oceanside, CA, and Bethlehem, PA.

I can still replay little snippets of memory. Such an innocent time in the life of a child. We were happiest in Shreveport. My mom was especially happy there. I don't think she ever got over leaving. I went to four different schools in LA as we were in transition. And from time to time, we were back in Rison, and I attended school there too. The following are scenes that play in my head when I think back.

Popping hot tar bubbles in the street, with a stick, on a hot summer day in the trailer park.

Having the measles and looking at all the bumps on my arm. I was outside in the side yard of our mobile home.

A very unpleasant visit to the dentist, in which I refused to allow treatment. My mom felt sorry for me and bought me a coloring book on the way home. Much to the aggravation of my Dad. He didn't feel I should have been rewarded for that, but I had been to the dentist so much, my Mom understood that I'd had enough.

Wanting to go swimming but something was wacky with my ear. It felt like a butterfly had gotten in there and was fluttering around trying to escape.

Riding my bicycle through a trailer park singing out that my middle name was Jane and something quirky about Tazan.

Letting another child talk me into taking a shortcut through the woods to school, and winding up late.

Sticking my head out of the trailer door to see a kid from my class, sticking his head out of his car. His mom had hired my mom to do some clothing alterations.

Watching my mom on the phone while hearing that her grandmother had passed away.

Playing tea party with another girl and drinking so much water I thought I would explode.

Climbing the mimosa trees in the back yard.

My first Barbie. She was the one with the short curly blonde hair.

Creating a "spook house" with my brother, in the garage.

Walking home early from school, in the rain because I was feeling sick, and my mom didn't have a car to come get me.

The history teacher assigning us art projects.

Not understanding math.

Wearing my hair flipped up for class photos when all the other girls had straight normal hair. My Mom was really into doing me up like the 50's.

Seeing the Pacific ocean for the first time.

Cooking out on the beach with the girl scouts.

(California was the biggest disappointment. Just not a friendly place for kids. Not on base anyway. The ocean was nice though.)

Ice skating in Pennsylvania, singing "Where oh where are you tonight" as requested frequently by other kids.

Babysitting most of the little kids in our apartment complex.

Being "adopted" by a wealthy older couple who tried to act as grandparents. Pearls given to me by them, when we moved away.

My Dad still feeling the effects of Vietnam.

Seeing Dad in his dress blues and his uniforms hanging in the closets.

Finding pornagraphy in the complex trash bin. Oh my. I received quite an education in PA.

Working with my Dad at "Toys for Tots".

I don't have a great memory. I've lost so many experiences I wish I could remember. But, I am thankful I still have these small videos in my head.

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Lisa said...

Isn't it weird how you can remember little small things. Hmmm wonder why that is?