Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fall Day Trip to Hot Springs

SR and I spent the day in Hot Springs and the surrounding area today. We were in search of fall colors and needed to do a little Christmas shopping. We first visited Hobby Lobby, then the mall, and made a little detour through one of the larger antique malls. We intended to eat at Outback Steakhouse, because I never have and wanted to. But alas, it was closed, so we wound up at Applebees. And it was really good food!

I created a slideshow of some places we drove through. A lot of the leaves that were still on the trees were brown, but periodically, we spotted a nice area with more color. We drove up the mountain behind the bath houses, up highway 7, and then explored Glazypeau road.

As we headed out of Hot Springs, we stopped at DeSoto Park and I took pictures of a really beautiful bridge and waterfall. We also stopped at a very small, run down junk store. The owner was extremely friendly, and pointed out a spring that was rocked in, right inside his store. He then showed me the spring in the mountain, behind his store. As we were leaving, he was offering to show others where he dug up a bucket full of arrow heads. I suppose his main objective wasn't to make a dollar. You don't see that often.

We then headed back toward home, via highway 5 and Benton. It was a really beautiful day and we enjoyed it so much.

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Y said...

How cool!!! I'm jealous of your time out and away with hubby. There's a good sized antique mall in Hot Springs I went to once and loved it. I think it may have been an old Sears or JC Penney's once upon a time. If we ever get to meet up again we need to get over to the run down junk store and visit the owner. He sounds great! That and I adore junk stores. We have a small, very good one in Adel in the back of an old, dirty tire shop, of all places. I have found the best $1.00 treasures in there.