Saturday, November 21, 2009

Thankful Four

Ok, I found this at Supah's blog and decided not to wait till Monday.

1. I've been washed in the blood of Jesus Christ.  That fact intitles me to a personal relationship with the Father and I can go boldly to His throne, thanking Him for His blessings and asking for His help. Amen and Amen.

2. My family. My husband has been loyal and supportive for 32 years. God bless the poor man. My children are the joy and light of my life. My extended family is disfunctional, (isn't everyone's?) but they are a comfort to me.

3. My church family. Eventhough I have struggled with joining in, there are people there who consistently try to draw me in, and support me.

4. My day to day life right now is just about what I always wanted. I can stay home and do homey things, craft and sew and cook for my husband. I don't have to get up at a certain hour, be someplace at a certain time, and stay there until I am allowed to leave. What a blessing!!

There are countless other things to be thankful for, but the title was Thankful Four. I can always list more later.... The awesome Thanksgiving food is coming to mind at this point.....I can't wait!

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Lisa said...

We're thankful for the same things except I haven't had Britt that long.
Well and i do sometimes have to get up at a certain time and stay somewhere til I'm finished.

Great things to be thankful for!