Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I've been trying one of the addominal strengthening exercises suggested. So far it's too soon for that to make a difference, if it will. But, I was given a Kenalog steroid shot this morning, and that seems to have helped a lot. I may have to request those periodically. Nice to know something helps, especially when the anti-inflammatory meds hurt my stomach.

I am also fighting an upper respiratory thing and am taking meds for that too. I seldom get sick, but occasionally it happens. It's strange that at this time of year, there are several folks sick with illnesses that are normally in the fall and winter. We keep wondering when the summer slump is going to hit.


Les said...

I've developed a little cold, too. I thought it was particularly odd that I would do so this time of the year. I hope you feel better soon. Also, I'm glad that the shots have helped.

Michelle said...

Yaay. Glad something helped!