Friday, June 6, 2008

Playing Catch-Up

I haven't posted much of late, due to being pretty busy, and pulled in different directions. Not to mention the whole work thing. Sometimes I get into a slump and my brain just won't come up with a topic to post about, but I will share my week with you now.

The first two days of this week were pretty good actually. We were busy at work, but it wasn't overwhelming or very stressful. Wednesday I joked that it was the Brown Family Clinic instead of the Sheridan Family Clinic. LeLe was sick with a headache, I was sick with an upper respiratory issue, as was MK, my sister drove my mother over for the RNP to take a look at and we wound up sending her for x-rays and setting up an ultrasound for her. She was complaining of severe pain in her abdomen. Since she doesn't have an appendix, that was not the problem, and the ultrasound ruled out anything wrong with her organs in that area, but the initial report states she has Ascities. (A pocket of fluid has built up in her stomach) This can be caused by any number of things, and we need to find out exactly what. So, this morning sister and I went with Mom for a CT Scan. We are not going to imagine the worst, and hopefully all she will need is a quick fix.

On the way home, sister and I were talking about folks who spend thousands of dollars to make memories with their children. Nothing is wrong with that. So, don't think I'm criticizing anyone who takes great vacations with their children or buys recreational vehicles. I would too if I had the bucks. But, we began discussing the memories you make that are free. Like the commercial says, "Trip to Disneyland: $1500.00, The smile on little Jimmy's face when he shakes Mickey's hand: Priceless" I started naming priceless memories....

1) LeLe playing "Little Drummer Boy" on the piano for Papa, and J, R, and R singing along.

2) Watching my kids play on the rope swing.

3) Looking out the window and watching J use his Dad's machete to chop down small sapplings beside the house.

4) Listening to LeLe sing "Down by the Creek Bank"

5) Hearing J ask Jesus to come into his heart.

These kinds of memories are absolutely what life is all about. And I for one, don't give them enough importance.


LeLe said...

What about LeLe asking Jesus to come into HER heart while you and Mammaw cried in the chairs behind me in Brother Harvill's office? Or LeLe singing "It Wasn't Rainin' When Noah Built the Ark." Why'd you make me sing that? :P

B Lines said...

Well, yeah. That too. :)

Michelle said...

oh, this got me a little choked up! I hope I get to hear my kids ask Jesus into their hearts, too!

Sooz said...

Good stuff...its so true.