Saturday, June 21, 2008

Just Walk Away

We did it. Found a vehicle we agreed on and can afford. But, it took that much despised haggling thing to come to an agreement. We actually had to get up, and start walking toward the door before they would come down enough to make it work. Eventhough I would have been terribly disappointed, I was willing to leave without buying. Funny how they can cut even more off of a price when they think they are going to lose a sale. At any rate, you are now reading the post of a proud White 2008 Hyundai Tucson owner. Not the jewel of suvs but a good reliable one, with a great warranty. It took us four hours to finalize the transaction, and by that time I was starving. We ate lunch at Chili's, which was very nice. I am happy.

My back is not so happy. With all the pulling on my Mom and car shopping, I have been in misery. No drug I can find relieves the pain, but SR did get out the old heat massager we bought on a whim at Walmart a year ago and worked my back over. That helped quite a bit. So, I'm thinking regular massage therapy, and hand held massager with heat in between may be my best option.

Mom was up a lot last night with bathroom needs. I feared she had a urinary tract infection, but Sister #2, who stayed with her last night doesn't think so. I get a reprieve for the evening and will go back to spend the night tomorrow night. I will then take her to see the doctor at UAMS for her post-operative visit. I can now take her in a nice vehicle with reclining seats. I'm so happy about that.

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Sooz said...

Congratulations on the new car!