Thursday, June 26, 2008

Grandma Update - Thursday the 26th

This is LeLe speaking on Mom's behalf:

For those who do not know, my Grandma was rushed to the ER at UAMS in an ambulance last night due to extreme pain. Seems she has a pocket of drainage in her abdomen which has been causing back pain. They ran a CT scan and looked at it and it appears that they will be able to drain it. They will review the CT scan again today to make sure. Mom was with her all night and only got about an hour of sleep. Please pray for Grandma as well as my Mom. Sister #2 was also there until 4:00 a.m. Please pray for the whole family and those who are giving her care.

This is my prayer that I posted on my blog and our church's prayer warrior email list.

O, Father.

You are the Great Physician. I lift up my Grandma Sue too you. I know she is in capable hands at UAMS and I pray that you give the doctors wisdom and discernment on her condition. I pray for Grandma's spiritual and emotional well-being in addition to her physical health. God, you know her needs. You know her pain. You also know the plans you have for her and I pray that your glory is shown whatever may happen. I pray that she may be comfortable until her chemo next Thursday, which will dry up any more fluid.

Father God, I pray for my family, especially my mother, who are caring for her. I pray that you would give Mom the strength, physically, spiritually, and emotionally, to handle Grandma's care-giving. She is tired, Lord--please help her to keep going. I pray this for my aunts as well who are helping with her care and for the grandkids, that we might cope with what is going on.

Lord, I thank you for what you are going to do and in advance for Grandma's healing, either on this side of Heaven or in Heaven itself. We know that she is in your hands and I praise you for that.

In your precious Son's Holy Name,

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Domestically Inclined said...

Father please bring peace to the hearts of all this family as well as healing to Grandma Sue. It is a comfort to know that our lives our in Your hands Lord, and that You have not left us comfortless.
God's Blessings as you wait on Him.

Domestically Inlcined