Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Battle is ON!!!!

Gentle readers, my mother has been diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer. She had been in pain for some time off and on, but didn't tell anyone until it became unbearable. Through a series of disjointed testing, finally a report indicated she needed to be hospitalized. After waiting long hours in the ER and frustrated at the lack of information we were given, it was confirmed. The ER staff avoided giving us any information, because they all could see the writing on the wall, and waited for Mom's gynocologist to break the news to us. We were ready for it, and had already figured it out, so it wasn't the blow it might have been.
She will be treated at UAMS in Little Rock, by a gynocologist-oncologist. Her regular GYN feels that her survival rate with this type of doctor is increased dramatically.

We have a battle of many weeks ahead of us. Please pray for our strength as we minister to her. Please pray that we don't have to miss a huge amount of work, as we all must keep working. And most of all, PRAISE GOD FOR WHAT HE IS GOING TO DO! I have faith He is in control and all will be as it should.

Oh, and pray for her grandchildren who are having a more difficult time of it than her children. Grandparents are precious, and hard to see hurting.

Thank you all.


LeLe said...

Yes, PRAISE HIM! You should have seen me in the car on the way to work this morning with my hand up worshipping.

LC said...

I'll keep you all in my prayers. Especially LeLe and J because I know how hard it is to lose a grandparent that means the world to you!

Les said...

Your mother and extended family will certainly be in my prayers!

Michelle said...

I've been a-prayin' guurrl! I really hope she can kick cancer in the arse and come out the winner!

Sooz said...

Praying for all of you!

Y said...

Still prayin' for everybody!!!!!