Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tuesday Afternoon Update

Spent the afternoon with Mom. She is off the iv pain med, and is taking it by mouth. I got her up three times this afternoon to walk and she made it to the nurse's station each time. It was a major accomplishment and it wasn't pleasant, but it helps to hurry along her recovery.

She ate a few bites of Dorey's catfish and drank some diet coke, and three or four spoonfuls of potato soup. I know it doesn't sound like much, but when all you want to do is sleep and be left alone, that's pretty impressive. I settled her for the night and made sure she had taken a pain pill before I headed out for home.

As I was driving along, with the cruise set on 73 or so, the transmission jumped into neutral with no warning. I didn't do anything to cause it, didn't hit a bump or anything, but all of a sudden the RPM gauge was going crazy. For a few seconds I couldn't figure out what happened, but finally put the gear shift back into drive and had no other problems. I'm soooo glad it happened only a few miles from the Sheridan exit. I'd have been in major anxiety mode if it had happened in Little Rock traffic. God is always good to me while I'm driving up there. I pray every time I come up on a turn off or exit I have to take. He's never let me down.

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