Monday, June 16, 2008

Monday Evening

After a rough morning, Mom is able to get up and move around some, and hold down a little popsicle. She's asking for "mashed taters" but doc says not until she can hold her liquids. Prayers are being answered, because she is being moved to a private room later tonight or in the morning. I was able to work a full day for a change, and MAN! was it hard. My poor co-worker was so far behind from doing both our jobs, I didn't think she would ever get her desk cleared off.

My boss is being very understanding and realizes how much time I will be off in the coming months. It always helps to know that. At this point, we still don't know what the prognosis is, or the treatment schedule. Right now, we are only focused on getting food and drink to stay down and get Mom strong enough to go home.

I will be working a half day tomorrow and then heading to the hospital for my turn at keeping an eye on the old broad. BTW, she isn't offended by the names we call her. She enjoys it and has a wonderful sense of humor.

During all of this, the hubs and I are looking for a new vehicle. I must have something I can carry her to chemo in, and what I have now is just not going to work. We plan to go to some dealerships on Saturday if all goes as planned. We've been studying the internet and trying to figure out what we can afford and what we would be satisfied with. Please help us pray that we can get this task accomplished, because we have very little time and patience right now. It's something we can't put off though.


Sooz said...

Thank goodness for private rooms in hospitals. Richards dad had a semi-private and we thought he was going to go nuts. The other people were so rude.
Hope your mom is feeling better today and able to hold something down so she can get those mashed potatoes.
Praying for you, the vehicle search (cause its not always fun), and for peace of mind for all of you!

LeLe said...

MK and I talked and he suggest you look into a Toyota 4Runner (ask Sooz since she has one) or his dad suggested one of the Ford Escape hybrids. I don't know if that'll be big enough for what you're wanting though (the Ford).