Friday, April 15, 2011

The Week in Review

Started out the week on a sad note. Lost a dear cousin to cancer, but he is rejoicing in Heaven now.

Started a new Quilt-a-Long. Well, I say new, but I've never done one before. It's challenging, but fun.
 Here are the few pieces so far...

Doesn't look that hard does it? But I would never have gotten all that even if not for the help of the paper piecing tutorial.

 Kept LMW more than usual due to his other grandmother's new grandchild being born. She keeps him the days I don't. You can see new little EG on LeLe's blog.

LMW is trying his best to walk. Unfortunately, he's still trying to do it on his toes.

 We moved the coffee table down from the middle of the window in the living room, so he could look out the window. We moved it first from the middle of the room so he would have plenty of playing space.

Spent some time on the computer going back and forth with J's future mother-in-law, trying to sort out wedding issues. One more week.  I spent a day or so fretting about finding someone to alter my gown for the wedding. Thank goodness there is a lady in town who does alterations and comes highly recommended.

Recovered a stool and added some fabric to the bottom of a pair of store bought curtains for my bedroom.

Entered several blog giveaways. And like always, some other lucky woman won. Bummer.

The week really isn't over and I have a full day planned for tomorrow. Cleaning, sewing and some gardening are on the schedule. Wish me luck!!


Y said...

You're a busy lady!!! Ilove LMW's camo drawers! ;)

Mariliz said...

I've never tried paper piecing, terrified of it! The stool looks great as do the curtains. Great job!

Hillbilly Handiworks said...

I saw you on another blog and felt led to 'click' on you. I think I'll just stay and 'follow'. Hugs from a Sis in Christ.

Under Her Wings said...

Belinda, I've had such fun watching that baby growing up! Thanks for sharing him. You know, you aren't very far away. You could just come up sometime and join us in a tea party. The invitation is there! We have swinging doors at our home.