Thursday, April 21, 2011

May For Me Month

My new bloggy friend Hillbilly Handiworks is "sponsoring" a May For Me Month and I'm in baby. I'm in!

 What does that mean? It means that I take the month of May and do more for myself. Of course, I'm a selfish person and I do a lot for myself already. I am eating better, working out almost every day, trying to get my weight and my health back in order. And I sew every free minute I have, much to the downfall of my clean house. But, I go at everything like someone is chasing me. I get that from my mother. I catch myself running through my day and through my house like there is a deadline for everything. Sometimes there is, but most times not.

So, one of my things will be slowing down and enjoying what I do. Regardless of whether it's sewing, taking care of my LMW, or cleaning. I do enjoy a clean home.

Another thing will be trying to get my bedroom redecoration finished. It's been hit and miss, even though I'm working on it. I'd like to have it finished by the end of May. (I can dream can't I?)

The third thing will be to start a new online Bible Study with Miss Hillbilly.

The last thing will be that I start a new personal ministry for the Lord. I have a definite direction and plan that I've already set in motion.

All this right after LMW's first birthday party on May 7th. Which is my 34th wedding anniversary. Can't think of a better way to celebrate!! Maybe next year on my 35th, SR and I can do something really special. And I'll need suggestions for that friends. :P  I hope I don't forget May is for me in my craziness!!!


Hillbilly Handiworks said...

We lost power two days ago, and yesterday internet was all messed up. We live in a small town and for some reason when the power goes out it messes with the towns internet.'s nap time is slated for looking through Bible Studies.
Glad you are going to take time to slow down! I've enjoyed learning what each person needs for 'their time'.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Welcome to the May for Me. Come visit as I will be sharing my May with everyone as part of my birthday gift. I'm trying to visit everyone on Tonya's and Marcia's list thru our shared journey.

Marcia said...

Welcome to the May for Me Celebration. So glad you have joined us. I added you to the list on the May for Me Page. I am following you now too. Taking a few minutes for me makes us better people for the people we take care of in our lives... We will all do it together!