Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Random Memory

Funny how sometimes conversations will trigger a childhood memory? I was sitting in the dentist's chair, getting my teeth cleaned this morning. The lovely dental hygienist is very friendly and talkative and we always have really fun conversations. Today we talked about how children cope with being moved from one town to another, when their parents relocate the family for whatever reason.  We discussed how you fear to allow your child to go to another's house, when you haven't known their parents. And thus, my memory popped up.

When I was very young, my Dad was a Marine. So, we moved frequently. I have countless memories of that time but the memory that surfaced this time was about moving to a small rent house, after selling our home. We sold it before we were ready to move out of town, and so had to find a place to rent for a short time. My parents never seemed to worry much about our friends, or their parents. Maybe they did behind their bedroom door, but I never felt the worry. This one time, I walked to a new friend's house with my brother. I don't remember how or what we played there, but I remember their family was very large. It must have come upon meal time, and back then, you didn't run home for dinner/lunch. You ate at your friend's house, and so we were going to eat. Some of the kids were old enough to cook, and they prepared something. I can see the plates, but can't remember the foods. Anyway, there weren't enough plates and utensils, and no one wanted to wash. We were offered food, but we had to eat it off someone's dirty plate, and use their dirty utensils. I didn't eat, but I remember my brother did. Nothing phased him, funny brave guy.

Well, this is not a mega memory, just a short funny one, that I thought I'd get down in writing, before my aging brain loses it.

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