Sunday, April 10, 2011

Good News and Bad News

First the Good news.....
I finished LMW's outfit for the wedding. Hallelujah!!!

Now the Bad news.....
I think I threw out the cable to my digital camera, with an old broken camera. So I can't show you a picture. I'll have to find one or buy one before the wedding!

A little more Bad news.
I searched and searched my meager wardrobe and there is nothing in the closet appropriate to wear to rehearsal and the dinner afterward.

Good news.
SR and I drove to PB yesterday afternoon to try and find me something, and I came home with a little summer dress, a cute little black and white gingham shirt and a pair of white slacks. The slacks came from the "old lady" section, and have elastic in part of the waist, but you do what you have to in desperation. One of the problems of being so durn short. All the cool clothes are too long in the torso and length.

More Bad news.
The sweet sweet lady who was going to alter my dress for the wedding is afraid she will mess it up, thus I must drive back to PB to pick it up this afternoon.  Even if I decided to wear it full length, it is too long, so I'm going to check with a local seamstress to see what can be done. Time is very short and I hope someone can do it for me. If not, I'll have to wear shorts to the wedding.


Y said...

Yeah. I hear ya'!!! Short can be a pain. I like the wear shorts idea! If I EVER have a 'function' again I think I'm going to do it Redneck Wedding style! :)

Erin said...

oh, sad about your dress. i'm confident you'll find someone in town to alter it for you though.