Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Few Things Before I Unplug for the Day

Tomorrow is Sunday, and I'm going to do my best to "unplug" from the interwebs. It will take a great amount of effort, but I want to do this. My reasons have been listed a few posts ago.

So, since it's Saturday night, here goes...

First, I'm reaching the home stretch of my Irish Chain.

I had a little meltdown last night, as I found that I was missing five blocks I thought I had. (I am doing quilt as you go) And the worst of it was, I tried my hardest to find more of the fabric I used, but two Walmarts in the area didn't have it any more. The quilt is really a good size as it is, but SR and I wanted it large enough to tuck under the pillows and fold back over them because we are going to use it just like a spread. What was I to do?? Or worra worra worra. I was blessed enough a while back, to have bought an extra yard and a half of the dark color, (God at work) and I thought I would figure something out using it. I went to bed all in a tither, and God spoke to me in His Still Small Voice. He told me what to do, and today I found another fabric that I can add to the dark to finish it up. No, there won't be more blocks, but I have a plan. Stay tuned.

Ok, you Sewing Veterans, I have a question for you. Since I began to get serious about my sewing, my thumbs and index fingers are sore, dry, peeling and split. Even to the point of bleeding.  And I haven't been hand quilting either. Any suggestions? 

I visited the cemetery today. It's been five months since my Mom left to join my Dad with the Lord. For a long while, I would cry when I was at the graveside, but otherwise, I was doing pretty well, for the most part. I have mourned, but about two weeks ago, I began to really grieve. I'm told this is normal for someone who was a caretaker. Thing is, I'm grieving for my Dad and my grandparents. Oh, I miss my mother, and mourn her too, but this grief it focused on them more. I can barely talk about it without crying....well, no I can't talk about it without crying. I sure hope and pray the intensity lessens soon. It's really cramping my style. *wink*

Next, I have to end the week with a video of my joy. He's reaching for something he knows he's not supposed to have. Funny kid.

As for May for Me tomorrow...the unplugging is my start. But until after LMW's first birthday party next Saturday, I won't really be able to focus on me much. The rest of you, PARTY ON!


Marcia said...

You write from your heart...I wish I could do that. My Dad died 16 years ago. My mom is still here and with me this weekend for an early Mother's day. I cherish my time with her. My best answer to help with your pain is to focus on the memories.. but to remember that the sadness and the grieving is part of the process. I miss my Dad very much and try to sing a song everyday to remember him... Do something that makes you happy that helps you remember your Mom and other family members. I assure you it will help. The memories have helped me... and remember every day is for you - not just May!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

For you sore fingers - try some Udder Balm, they do sell it as a "quilting supply" but you can get is cheaper at a farm store. Yes, same thing.... I feel your grief as I was caregiver for my Dad many yrs. til his moving on. I now care for my Mom. Memories - good, bad, sad, happy - help us everyday. Enjoy your unplugged day.

Handmade Crafts Done While RVing Blog said...

I just did a write up on hand care. I am a diabetic type one and with all the needle picks on my fingers this happen a lot - they have these little finger covers that work great - kind of like bandaids. I just blogged about our May for May - my husband started it off for us... Cool stuff. I am sending you good vibes and glad your unhooked your inet - you need that time... We'll be here for you when your back for sure!!


Tonya said...

I like corn huskers lotion. It helps I think.
So, did your unplug work good for you?