Friday, April 29, 2011

A Head Start

Ok, here is one of my May for Me items. I wanted to do a little creative gardening. And even though it's not May yet, and not much, it qualifies to me. It's pretty much all I can do on my own, and although he will help, my husband is really not into the gardening thing, so I have to keep it simple.

I'd planned to put a Crepe Myrtle here. But, when I found this Oleander, on sale for $10.00 no less, I changed my plan. And I really like how it looks.

You can see in the background that I've also planted some Marigolds and Periwinkles. You may have to look hard to find them, since they are very small right now. Last year, the periwinkles were amazing in this bed. First time I ever had a really good result. So, I tried to find the same kind again this year. I hope I succeeded. Maybe that Miracle Grow Garden Soil I put around them will help. *wink*

I bought myself a pretty garden flag, and some fresh mulch, and now it's looking much better in the front. Gotta start on the back now, before the rain sets in again. Storms are expected again this weekend.

My heart goes out to all the folks in AL that lost their home or a loved one. I saw a news report of a woman whose baby was whipped away by the tornado. They found him in someone else's yard, and the mother decided to donate his organs, since she was an organ recipient. It's so heart wrenching. I'm praying for those folks. May God comfort them as only He can.


Marcia said...

Thanks for sharing your spring plantings! They are simple and very comforting. I just checked where you at located and I see Arkansas - much warmer than Wisconsin. Enjoy!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Glad you are safe and well. I think your gardening is a great May For Me project. And by getting outdoors, you accomplished a bit of unplugging, too.

Mariliz said...

It looks great!

Handmade Crafts Done While RVing Blog said...

I like that - Earth day girl you are!! Loving it... everyone is sewing and I am not a sewing queen and so I am crocheting while Jorge (George) sews... Can't wait till tomorrow - he just got his first custom work order for an Apron.

Tonya said...

This is a great May for Me thing to do!