Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Opinions Please...

Hello dear readers,
I'm trying to decide on a place to move my lovely little concrete girl. She's been in the front of my house in the flower bed, directly in front of a bedroom window for 9 years.

It's time to move her since I decided to put a bush there. Scraggly looking little thing, isn't it? It'll perk up when I get some of that really tasty Miracle Grow Garden Soil around it. Yummy! And it will look very nice with some fresh, new mulch. Oh yeah!

I'm undecided as to where to move her lovely little self though. Should I leave her on the front porch to welcome folks? 
Place her in one of the other flower beds? ( J finally brought me some cool rocks to finish this one.

Put her in the birdbath?

Paint her a color or leave her au naturale?  And if I leave her on the porch, where exactly would she be most welcoming???

Decisions decisions.... I'm so glad I have you to help! Tell me what you think.


LeLe said...

I'm not very good at positioning things, so...I got nuthin'.

Erin said...

i kind of like her where she is right now. on the porch.

Belinda said...

Thanks guys. Erin, do you think she needs a just a little color?? So she will show up better?

Becky said...

I'd put her in the bird bath.

Belinda said...

Well Ms Becky. I see you have a blog. Sort of. Ha! Thanks for your opinion. I'll take it under advisement. :P