Friday, December 18, 2009

What Do You Think?

Ok, here's the thing. SR's aunt is in a bad way. She's a bit up and down, but more down than up and for a while this week, we weren't sure she was going to make it. Still might not. But, while she was up, she told me about a dream she had when she was so bad. She said every time she went to sleep, she dreamed she was searching for her sister and mother. Both passed on years ago. I asked her if she found them and she didn't. I asked her where she was searching, and she told me she was in a group of people she didn't know. ? ?  So...tell me what you think? Hallucination? Near death experience? Near near death experience?

While you mull that over, please pray for us. She is terribly ill and I fear her body is shutting down. The biggest problem with that, is that her mind is still able to function when we interact with her. Some times she seems in a trance, but if you get close to her and talk to her, she will respond normally, and sometimes even seem perky. She is a tough cookie, and very strong willed. She will not go easy into night. Pray that SR and I receive supernatural strength because we are both exhausted and it looks like it will be a while before anything changes.


Lisa said...

The day my memaw passed she kept asking us "Do you see that? Its so beautiful." I don't know what she was seeing but told her yes mam it was. I think if your saved, when you die God gives you peace before you die. My uncle waved at the corner several times before he died. I wonder wo was there. You guys are in my prayers. Hugs.

Y said...

Yes, definately a near death experience. Too many stories to recount and too many to not be something to it. You are all still in my prayers.