Monday, December 7, 2009

Monday Update

Another busy weekend. Mom is doing ok, but I can tell she doesn't feel very well. She always denies feeling poorly, but I can see by her movement and her face how she really feels. She's been having a bit of nausea, which is to be expected, and she's having to force herself to eat. She came to Sheridan today for lab work, and wanted a Hardee's Thickburger, so we got her a Little Thickburger and she couldn't finish it. Her stomach is still a bit swollen, but is going down. There's a lot of fluid build up from the cancer, but hopefully it will continue to lessen as the chemo works in her system.

We've been trying to plan a Christmas gathering that won't wear her out. She was in pretty bad shape Thanksgiving and I have been concerned with the crowd that would be at her house and the cooking she will try to do. We've opted to just have snacks on Christmas afternoon, but I'm still concerned about the crowd and what she will insist on preparing. I think I will go early and leave, so there will be less folks at one time. It's what I feel is best, and after getting on my face before God this morning, He is assuring me this is right.

I finished up all the purchases for Christmas so, other than finishing up some sewing and putting money in envelopes, I'm done! Yay! I can really enjoy the next couple of weeks without the stress of last minute purchases.

We find out Thursday what our little bundle of joy is. I can hardly wait! LeLe has been feeling the baby move now, and it's so exciting. Just think, next year, he/she will be big enough to tear the wrapping paper off the gifts and get into the tree. Hot diggity dog!

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