Friday, December 25, 2009

Mission Accomplished!

SR and I were finally able to relax this afternoon. (Christmas Day) Yesterday, Aunt was moved from Little Rock, to the local rehab facility. We went to make sure she was ok last night, and she was extremely tired, but ok. We went again this morning and she was doing pretty well. And then again this afternoon and she was doing a lot better. We were able to wheel her down to the lunchroom and she was going to eat by herself. What a relief. SR has just about made himself sick worrying about her.

Looks like J will be here tomorrow, unless there is a last minute catastrophe in Russellville. I'm so looking forward to tomorrow afternoon when we can be together as a family with him, his girl, LeLe and Mabe, and of course little man, who can hear but can't see us.  I looked at the gifts under the tree so long, I realized there was something just not right. I finally figured out that I labeled one of girlfriend's gifts to J. Glad I found that! Whew! I filled the stockings a little while ago. Yes, they are all grown, but I still fill stockings. And I still make sure I spend the same amount of money on each one, and try to have the same amount of gifts to open. I know it doesn't matter to them any longer, but it's ingrained now, and I'll never be able to stop it. 

SR and I drove around Sheridan after we left the rehab place, looking for anything open. The local Day and Nite and Fina convenient stores were open. We stopped at one and got a little snack. I've not cooked anything today but a hot dog in the microwave, and I don't plan to. I'll be doing plenty of it tomorrow.   I've been reading on facebook about everyone's celebrations and good eats.  I'm so hungry for something good!


Y said...

How did it all go? :-D

B Lines said...

It all went great! I'll post something tomorrow. Got a few pictures to post too.