Friday, December 11, 2009

Now We Know

LeLe had an amazing ultrasound yesterday and now we know the gender of our baby. It's a boy!!  You can go to her blog and read all about it.

The technology now is simply unbelievable. We are so excited and can't wait to hold the little man. And now we can make better plans for his nursery and wardrobe. It almost makes me wish this wasn't Christmas, so I could start buying lots of fabric and things. But since we've spent more than we ever intended, it will have to wait until we recoup from all the Christmas purchases.

I won't share the baby's name on my blog, until and unless she does on hers first. It's her news to share and I don't want to steal her thunder.  It does my heart so much good, to see her so happy and excited. She doesn't always have a lot to be excited about, and I'm so thankful God has blessed her and MK.

MK's Mom and I discussed the possibility of the little darlin' being red headed. Considering there is a bit of red on MK's side, LeLe is red, her father is red, her grandmother is red, her brother is red..... well, you get the idea.


LeLe said...

I'll be surprised if he's not red. :) And guess what the word verification is? "redleco" That's pretty funny.

B Lines said...

Must be a sign! Ha! We don't care if he has purple hair! But red WOULD be nice eh?

Y said...

Are those actual pictures of the little man?!!!

B Lines said...

Why yes Y. Yes they are!

Y said...