Tuesday, December 22, 2009

One of Those Nights

Ever had one of those nights when things just went a little haywire? I had one last night.

I was able to stay home yesterday, and let the in-laws stay at the hospital with Aunt, but I didn't rest much. I went to the doctor with my Mom, just for routine lab and there were other issues the doctor wanted to deal with, so that was an all day affair on the phone for me.  I did some Christmas cooking so I wouldn't have it all to do on Saturday when my kids will be here and we will have our immediate family gathering. Got the dressing and dessert done. Those were the two biggies, so I'm good to go right now.

I rented two movies the other day, thinking I'd watch them on my portable DVD player at the hospital. I watched one, and decided it wasn't a good idea, because I got so involved with the movie, I didn't pay close enough attention to the patient. They were due back today, so I watched one last night. I  didn't realize it was past my normal bedtime until SR pointed it out, and I wasn't finished with the movie. So, I stayed up and finished it. I'll review it below.

Anyway, I was late getting into bed, wasn't really resting well with a million things on my mind, but finally did fall asleep. At 12:20 a.m. I received a text message on my cell. I had to read it, because my phone dings every 15 minutes if you have an uread message. Wide awake now, so I took a sleep aide and got back in bed. Hunger pangs kept the pill from working so I got up to get a sip of milk.  On my way back to bed, I stumbled over a potted plant and spilled dirt all over my bedroom carpet.  I was awake enough to clean it up then, but would have ruined SR's sleep, so I left it till morning. What a mess.  It did clean up pretty easily, surprisingly enough, and I moved the plant to a place where it can't be stumbled over again.

I don't know, but the movie I watched might not have been the best thing to watch before bed. It was Seven Pounds with Will Smith. It was a good movie, but very dark and sad. Six people and his wife were killed in a wreck he caused reading a text message while driving. All through the movie you see his pain and self hate, but he is desperately trying to help seven people. He donates money, a lung, part of his liver, bone marrow, his home, and in the end, his heart and eyes to help those seven people he deems a good person and deserving. He sets up the donation of his heart and eyes with a dear friend who knows his plans, then he commits suicide.  It was heartwrenching and I guess that was not the best choice for a bedtime story.

I'm staying home again today, trying to rest, and will go back up to the hospital tomorrow. Aunt is much better and we hope she will be well enough to be moved to the local rehab facility soon. I appreciate the prayers of all my friends and readers out there. They are a great comfort to us.


LeLe said...

You might should have put a spoiler warning disclaimer on there about the movie. I had no idea what it was about...but knew it was dark. but now I know the ending. :-S

Anyway, if you need me to do any cooking on Christmas day, we don't have anywhere to be until that afternoon. I'll have the whole morning. Just let me know.

Lisa said...

Poor thing. I hope you get plenty rest tonight. I liked that movie a lot but not so much how it ended. Have a Merry Christmas and try to rest!

B Lines said...

It's not really a spoiler, because you know what he's going to do from the beginning of the movie. It starts at the end, so to speak.

Thanks Lisa. :) Just found out I have to run my mom to Malvern for a transfusion. Her blood counts are critically low. No rest for me, but God is giving me what I need when I need it. He's good that way. ;)