Thursday, December 24, 2009

Very Strange Christmas

I've been all fired up about this Christmas. One reason I suppose is because I am no longer tied to work, and could enjoy the process of planning, shopping, and decorating. Another is the excitment of  our grandbaby boy. No, he isn't here yet, but I still shopped a little for him. 

My two children and their significant others were planning to come on Saturday for our family gathering. That may or may not happen due to J's work. He works as a lineman, and with all the storms, he may have to stay home and be on call, if not go out to restore power to folks. I hope and pray he is able to come and we are able to be together like we want.

We have been so caught up in being at the hospital with Aunt, and we didn't know if she would still be there on the 25th.  Surprisingly, this morning we were informed she would be moved to the rehab facility here in Sheridan. We originally planned to spend Christmas day with her in the hospital, so we are kind of lost as to what we will do now. We still plan to go see her tomorrow, but will not be spending a long period of time with her. It's not as easy when you have a room mate, and the staff at the rehabilitation place has an agenda.

Both children were tied up for Christmas Eve and day, so SR and I are resting from the long week. I can't remember a time when there wasn't a plan to go somewhere for a big get together.  I spent this day cleaning the house, and then going to help Aunt get settled. Then I was bored. Nothing really good on tv, SR is completely worn out from everything, and I haven't been able to concentrate on a book or project.  Tomorrow is Christmas Day, and there are no plans other than the short visit to Aunt's new digs. It just doesn't seem like Christmas to me at all. I see everyone's posts on facebook, and watch all the commercials about it, but it's just not connecting in my brain.

I hope things get back to normal soon. This is just weird.


Y said...

Whooo-hooo on Aunt!!! Sounds like the day is turning out so you CAN recoup and enjoy your weekend and kiddos. Sure hope you get to see J. It occurs to me that this is your calm before little man is trying to tear the tree down next year! I expect to see pictures, LOTS of pictures posted next year!!!

Y said...

WOW! I just noticed this blog thing posts with Pacific Time! I WISH it was only midnight! :)