Thursday, December 3, 2009

It Just Keeps Coming

I thought I would rest today. Ha. Funny that. I felt the deep need to TRY to finish Christmas shopping, gather a few odds and ends, get stuff on the grocery list and do a little (little being the key word) house work. I intended to work out, but there just wasn't enough time, nor energy. So, by lunch time I was already worn to a frazzle.

Then I started trying to work on Christmas plans with the entire Brown clan, and information on when Mom is having a port for chemo, plus the possibility of a wheelchair. So, phone calls and emails dominated. The port will do you phrase that? Installed? Added? Put in?.... on the 30th at 10:00 a.m. When that is finished and she comes around from the anesthetic, she will go on down to the chemo lab for treatment. It will be a very long day. I talked to her PCP about her need to have labs every week to watch her white cell count, and the need for the wheelchair. UAMS is a very large place, and we will definitely need that chair on the 30th.

I kept thinking I needed to rest, but just went right on working on things. When I finally decided I needed to lay down, or fall down, I got on my lovely soft bed and lay my weary head.  Unfortunately, the phone continued to ring and so  I really didn't get any rest at all. Oh well.

Talked to Mom twice today. She had a rough night, but is feeling a bit better today. Her knees are hurting pretty badly, and she is woozy-headed. She forced herself to eat, because she knew she needed to. I am planning to go tomorrow, to make sure things she needs done, get done, and feed her. I hope to make something for supper tonight that I can take down there tomorrow.  I feel torn between needing to be home and needing to be there for her. At least the first few days after chemo. There's just so much to do right now with Christmas coming.

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