Wednesday, May 19, 2010


There's so much going on that I can't keep it all straight. I'm just the grandmother, but for some reason my routine has been shot all to pieces. That's ok, I'm not complaining, just a little surprised. 
The following is a list of what is going on in my world and my head.

Visiting Little Man Win. Frequently.

Taking my Mom for her LAST CHEMO TREATMENT. Can I get an Amen?! (Next month she will get a CT to make sure all is gone)

Working on some craft projects: A grouping of three canvases for J and K, and pillows for their couch. A new quilt idea. Some baby things since it will be easier to keep some things here for Win than to carry them back and forth from his house to mine every time he comes.

Our back porch redo. We have the moulding pulled off the door frame to replace it when the handy-man can get here.

Going to the doctor myself for a variety if reasons. Yearly checks, and some pretty nasty pain in my neck and shoulders. Gotta get that fixed if I want to enjoy Winston.

Trying to keep up with my exercise regimen and healthy eating choices. Not easy with the upheaval in my life of late.

Nothing major, but lots of busy-ness. God is good and life is great.

Now, you didn't think you would get away without a picture of Little Man....did you?

K and Winston
J getting the hang of feeding a newborn.
Having a good time with the baby.

LeLe, my Mom, Winston and Me.


Lisa said...

I love the pics. J has your smile.

I hope everything slows down soon.

YAY! for no more chemo!

Under Her Wings said...

Can one person possibly feel anymore blessed than to be a grandmother? I know the joy you are experiencing right now. My oldest grandchild (she's 14 now) spent the night with me last night. We are such kindred spirits. Love it! Blessings, Gloria