Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Quick Update

Little Man Win is one week old today. He is precious of course, and a good baby. He hates a wet diaper, and screams while he's being changed, but calms down almost immediately when we finish changing him. He got used to sleeping on his stomach while in the NICU, but the pediatrician made it perfectly clear that is not acceptable. He's had a little trouble nursing, but after a consultation with a Lactation Counselor, he's doing great. And so is his Mama. LeLe and MK are beyond tired, but getting used to it all.

I've spent way more time with Win (and his parents) than I planned, but am not complaining one little bit. I wouldn't be anywhere else! Problem is, when I am at home, I go through withdrawal. :( His precious little body is so sweet to hold and pat on the bottom, which he loves by the way.

I don't have any recent photos, since I am usually pretty busy when I'm with him, but I hope to have more soon, so stay tuned.

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Y said...

Still so happy for all of you! I figured you were all busy and trying get into a routine. Before you know it things will calm down to a low roar. ;D Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!! They grow way too fast.