Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunday Fun

This afternoon, we traveled to Arkadelphia to see our new great-nephew. Wow, that sounds really old doesn't it? Older than Nanna and Grandpa sounds.

In this photo is Winston (on the right) and Bryce, who is two weeks younger. Bryce is a bit larger but he weighed more at birth too.

And here they are with their great grandfather who just can't stand to be left out of the photos.....*wink*

We all enjoyed loving on the babies and complementing each other on our grandchildren.  Win will be one month old on Friday. I can't believe it! In honor of his birthday, I created this for him. Can't wait to see him wear it.

We had some happy news yesterday. J popped the question to K and they are ENGAGED! We are thrilled. No plans for the wedding yet, but I'll be sure to post when I find out.



Michelle said...

Awww. The winstons sure have gorgeous babies! They have the same nose and even favor a little! I bet papa Jack was over the moon with his great grandsons!

Under Her Wings said...

Thanks again for your comment. Yes, Heaven will surely be more than our finite minds can ever imagine. I love the glimpses God gives us now and then.

And there's nothing like a baby to give you a little glimpse, is there? (That's when he's not screaming at the top of his lungs!)

How's your mom?

Under Her Wings said...

I'm very confident that the Lord has given you creativity that I don't have and you can share with me or others. Isn't it wonderful that He made us all different, and that we can enjoy the gifts He has given us? Have a blessed day in the Lord. Gloria