Saturday, May 29, 2010

Back Up

We are slowly heading back up the mountain. Or maybe we are meandering around the foothills anyway. I got Mom home at around 10:00 p.m. last night. She had a pretty good day yesterday and was feeling her oats. The doctor finally allowed her to have some solid food, and she was finally able to eat it.

This whole ordeal was caused by some unknown infection in her colon. Of course her blood levels were very low when she contracted whatever it was and it could have been any little thing. The doctors were concerned at first that the spot on her CT scan may be a new cancer, but it was all resolved. God answers prayer.

I have had a rough four days. It's hard taking care of your aging parent by yourself, I'm not going to deny it. My siblings either have children at home, or a job they can't leave, or live too far away to be much help. Thursday was a bad day for both of us, and I needed a LOT of prayer. Fortunately, I have so many friends who are prayer warriors, that yesterday was a breeze! Thank you all for that.

Now I'm sort of lost. We had a big gathering planned for today that won't happen now. I'm free for the entire day for a change and am just unsettled. The house needs cleaning desperately, blogs need to be caught up on, and I need a fix of Little Man Win. Yet, I sit here in front of this computer. So, I suppose I must make a decision and get moving.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend. And on that note, I will post a photo of my father, who was a 20 year veteran of the USMC. I still miss him more than words can say after 5 years.
I love you Daddy. Thank you for protecting our way of life and our country in Korea and Vietnam.

1rst Sgt A.J. Brown, USMC. Served from 1951 to 1971.
If you want to view a memorial page I created for him, go here.


Under Her Wings said...

I'm thankful that your mom is better. And I'm thankful that there are still those who are willing to sacrifice a little time and comfort to help ailing loved ones. Have a blessed weekend. Gloria

Lisa said...

I'm glad your mom is home and doing better. Many thanks to your dad and all the others like him. Get ya some rest and some lil man love!