Friday, May 14, 2010

Back to the Yard

Ok, so here is a post that is not about my precious new grandson.... *heavy sigh*
As shown in earlier posts, we are replacing and covering our back porch/deck. I thought I'd show you how the deck part turned out.


You can't really tell much, but these are brand new treated boards. They aren't nailed down right here, but you get the idea.


Since we are going to cover the deck, we needed to replace the old light fixture, as it was too tall for a roof.



Not fancy or expensive, but just what we needed.
Our 33rd anniversary was on the 7th, so after we ran to the hospital to see Little Man Winston, we ran out to Lowes and got ourselves some chairs.

They aren't what I had in mind to begin with, but since I couldn't find any vintage/retro tulip chairs I could afford, these were my second choice. They are made of hard plastic and were only $17.00 each. I would love to have some cedar ones, but that will be a dream for the future. And I wanted them in the aqua blue color shown in the sale circular, but brown and green were the only choices at the store. I love green, so I can live with this. I considered trying to paint them, but decided to leave them be.

I found this plant stand at a flea market the other day for $10.00.  I thought it would make a great base for an outside table.

I'm now on the hunt for the perfect thing to make a table top out of. I'm open to suggestions....
And I can't close this post out without a picture of my adorable, precious, wonderful grandson....(You knew I had to!)


Erin said...

i love those chairs! i wonder if my new patio will be large enough to hold them...

B Lines said...

Our deck is 12x6 if that helps Erin. Just enough space that it's not too closed in.

Nicole @ BugaBoos said...

Love the chairs, its lookin great!! He is to cute, so precious!!

Thanks for stopping over to visit me :)

FrouFrouBritches said...

Love the new chairs and the light too! I can't wait to see it once it's covered. The table is really cute too. I recently saw one with a galavanized metal top that was really cute, but that involves construction. Look at that sweet little Win. He sure is cute!!!! I just wanna smooch all over his face!

Under Her Wings said...

Isn't it fun to plan an outdoor space? I love working in the garden. Right now I'm redoing some old iron chairs I found at a thrift store. I'll probably show them on my blog soon. Thanks for your sweet post. I love hearing from you. Enjoy that grandbaby!