Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I've Looked at Clouds....

From both sides now.....Anyone remember that song by Judy Collins? Last night we had a short storm. It was welcomed as the grass was beginning to wither in the hot sun. SR and I walked outside after it blew over and noticed the unusual clouds.

Does anyone know exactly what classification of clouds those are? I heard a while back, that scientists were going to add a new classification of clouds, but I don't know if they ever did. In any case, these were beautiful and a little ominous looking. They were obviously moving away, and the sunset reflected off them was glorious. There are times when I am so very thankful for my digital camera!

Monday, I took Mom to see a spine doctor in Benton, regarding her severe lower back pain. It hurts me to watch her walk, knowing how badly she hurts. We were so pleased with the not only the doctor, but the staff. We arrived early, and were taken back within ten minutes. In less than five, the doctor breezed in, smiling and talking as if he was so happy to be there. He immediately got to the subject at hand, and suggested Mom have an epidural injection. She had been told by countless friends, (and myself *frown*) that those were very painful. He explained that she would be giving a sedative, and he would perform the procedure while under X-ray. He said that the only way to make sure you were medicating the right area, was to look at it under X-ray. Since he is only in Benton on Mondays, we went ahead and set it up for that afternoon.

During the time between the office visit and the outpatient procedure, we did a little shopping. It was so obvious how badly she needed relief. The entire afternoon procedure took about an hour, paperwork included. The hospital staff at Saline Memorial was very helpful and pleasant. Mom never felt a thing. Now, we have to wait and see if it will give her any relief. In two weeks, the office will call to see how she is, and if she needs another injection. She can have up to three in a six week period. If they work, HALLELUJAH! if not, she may need surgery. She has a disk that is bulging and stenosis. Please help me pray that injections do the trick. She is optimistic, but then, she has been throughout all the issues of the last year.


LeLe said...

Wow, those clouds were pretty strange! We have so many trees around that it's hard to see the sky from my window but I did notice the sun shining after the storm but I could tell the clouds were dark. It looked weird out.

So glad Grandma didn't feel anything during the injection. Praying that those work. I hear good things about Saline Memorial staff.

Les said...

Those cloud pictures are beautiful! I was so thankful that God blessed us with some rain.

I'll be praying that God will heal your mother. I'm so thankful that she was given a sedative before the injection.

Michelle said...

Those clouds do look wierd. I think they may be called cumulonimbus clouds...and I only know this b/c it was on the Earth Science Praxis test I just took! LOL. As for Aunt Sue, I really hope this injection works! Surgery is no fun but she's probably at the point where she'll do anything to feel better. :-(

Y said...

Just lost everything I typed!!!!! I think a subtype of the cumulonimbus called mammatus. It was a good story about driving across Alabama and same kind of clouds, but no time to retype. Drat this 'puter!