Thursday, July 9, 2009

Exploring Lake Catherine

On July 4th, SR and I decided to explore Lake Catherine State Park in Hot Springs. Our decision was a spur of the moment thing, and we failed to take the time to look at google maps to make sure of where we were headed. Nevertheless, we found it and drove around looking at camp sites, and for a swimming and day area. Since it was the fourth, there were people everywhere. The first view of the lake was awesome and I was thinking, "Oh yeah baby! This is just where I want to be!" The camp sites were all very level and clean, and some of them were right on the water's edge. To me, that is exceptional camping. I have never really been much of a camper, but at that moment, I decided I could become one. If I had equipment and was there on my own, I could really really love it.

Unfortunately, since there were so many folks around, my social anxiety thing reared its ugly head. I wanted to be in the water, but couldn't get past all those strange people looking at me. Poor SR wanted to get out and walk around a lot, but little rabbit B wanted to be safe behind the door of the vehicle. We did get out a few times, but in areas not filled with people.

After we saw what we could of the Lake, we went into Hot Springs and ate at Ryan's Steak house. They were including steak with everything, as a 4th of July gift to everyone. The steak wasn't large, but it was tasty. We also visited a large antique and collectibles place we like. I bought some old books, (no surprise there) and SR found an old tool he liked.

We traveled back east and made a stop at Remmel Dam.
There were folks fishing at the base of the dam, and what looked like a party going on a little further down. How they could stand that icy cold water was beyond me.

On our way back, we stopped in Malvern at the Ouachita River. It's really scenic, but again, there were folks everywhere. Why is it that when you are at a place like that, and someone walks up, or drives up, you immediately turn to stare? That is what I can't tolerate. SR wanted to stroll down the riverwalk, but I couldn't handle it with everyone there. Maybe we can go back on a day that is not a summer holiday when bodies are like ants crawling around.
We did a little further exploration, and crossed a bridge, to find a remote little area where just a few folks were floating in the water. That I could handle, but a toe in the water changed my mind pretty quick. Chilly is not the word.
The rocks in the river are what interested SR the most. There were places that looked much like white water rapids. Just not on the scale of say, the Colorado river or such as that. It was still beautiful to see. And down the river a way, was a huge rock, sitting in the middle, all alone. The folks who owned a house just up the hill had a breathtaking view of that rock.
We thoroughly enjoyed our day and I hope we can repeat it soon.

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