Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Consider This...

I've been doing a Bible study on the book of Revelation. I don't have to tell anyone who knows anything about it, that it is deep and symbolic, and a bit frightening. I have believed things all my life about the end times. Mainly because I wanted to believe them, and because I've been taught those beliefs. What I am striving to do with this study, is to cement those beliefs, or debunk them. I've prayed for insight and truth. I've prayed that God will illumine my mind to understand exactly what the book is teaching. With that in mind, I would challenge you all to read the third chapter of Revelations. Then ask yourself the following question:

What exactly does God tell you verse 10 means? It has been brought to my attention two possible scenarios. One is the rapture of the church prior to the tribulation period. The other is a that the faithful will be protected from believing in the antichrist as the true Messiah, during the tribulation.

Do not fall back on what you have always believed simply because you have always believed it, or what you have been taught. Look into your heart, listen to the Holy Spirit, and then decide.

I would love to know what conclusion you come to. You can post it here, or send me a private email if you would rather. winston b 58 at yahoo dot com, (no spaces) I realize this has the potential to cause a bit of controversy, but we can agree to disagree.

Revelation 1:3
Blessed is he who reads and those who hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written in it; for the time is near.


Y said...

My answer could be different depending which translation I was reading! I had no idea there were SO MANY translations of the Bible til I started checking this out! (15 at one site!!!) I was too lazy to get up and go get a Bible and did a Google search for the chapter and verse.

Generally speaking, I've stayed away from Revelations 'cause I figure my pea brain is too small to grasp it.

B Lines said...

That's why I'm studying it. I'm trying to figure it out. I'm just using the KJV.

Sooz said...

I can't wrap my little brain around Revelations. I've read it more than once and sometimes its like "What?!@#"? and other times I'm a little frightened by it.