Sunday, May 25, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

Since SR always has to work, I didn't have any exciting plans for the weekend. I did quite a bit of cleaning, and prepared some new recipes I found on the web. They turned out pretty well, and I'm so glad, since I was really tired of the same old thing.

Our church website,, is up and running again. Well, it never really went down, but no one could edit or maintain it since the new host guy failed to give anyone the login information, and failed to reply to any and all messages until it was time to collect for the coming year. Go figure. But now I have the login info, and I've been doing a little editing. The guy created the new template for our site and it's pretty cool. Problem is, I don't know how to edit all of the new bells and whistles. I need a trainer. I can add text and pictures, and upload new pages, but can't get the drop-down menus edited to add links. Pretty soon, the pastor is going to want to add some video and audio files and I haven't a clue about that. I hope God sends me someone to help, cause I'm sure gonna need it. LeLe is pretty good at stuff like this, but she can't help me with that.

I've been kicking around the idea of getting my own domain too. I have a family webpage of sorts that I created a long time ago. It's on Geocities and of course it has a column full of ads tacked on. I've been thinking about re-doing it and making it more stream-lined and informational. Family history information and that sort of thing. I'm still in the thinking stages because I find it hard to commit to something like that for some reason.

Tonight we started watching a Memorial Day Celebration on tv. It was announced as a concert and we expected big name celebrities to appear and sing, etc. The longer we watched, the more upset I became. I absolutely honor our veterans! My father was a veteran of Korea and Vietnam. I think I must have gotten so teary-eyed because he's gone now and it brought up all the memories of him talking about his experiences. He would bring out his slides of Vietnam almost yearly and would describe each one as if we'd never heard it. And we would all listen and look, just like we'd never heard it. How I wish he were here to do it again. I wonder if he ever really new how much we respected him for doing what he did? I think that might have been the one thought that had me leaving the room. I couldn't take the heart wrenching scenes and speeches any longer.

Tomorrow is a day off with pay and I'm very thankful for that. I plan to do exactly what I want and nothing I don't. It's rare that I do that, but I'm going to enjoy my day. The freedom to do so is one of the things our veterans fought and died for. And I really do appreciate that!

Happy Memorial Day! God Bless America!!!

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Sooz said...

I'm technically challenged, but I am sure someone will help you with the website.
R and I went to the fireworks at Riverfest. The festival itself was horrible, but the fireworks were beautiful. I am sad Riverfest is the same weekend as something like Memorial Day which should be to honor our Veterans.