Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Grandma's Roses

This evening after work was one like I wish was standard for all days. The weather was warm enough, but not hot and the aroma of honeysuckle and flowering bushes was heavy in the air. I decided to take out my trusty digital camera and take some pics of flowers. In the slideshow below, the large bushes are solid along the side of my yard. The honeysuckle is extremely fragrant and interwoven in the bushes. The red rose bush belonged to my maternal grandmother. She gave it to me years and years ago. The white rose bush belonged to my maternal great-grandmother. I believe it's known as "Seven Sisters" and it is one of the few I've seen that actually smell like roses. I learned that the aroma has been bred out of most roses, but horticulturists are trying to breed it back in now. (Shouldn't have messed with it in the first place!) When we moved from Rison, I dug these two up and brought them with me. I told SR, I didn't care where we lived, those roses would be with me. It would be nice to know that they survived to live in my great-grand daughter's garden. The other hanging basket is one that my co-worker gave me for Secretaries Day. I love the color. I hope you enjoy my flowers and my Grandma's roses....

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