Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Big 1-8

Yesterday, we celebrated the 18th birthday of my niece. She also graduated from high school last thursday night, so it was a celebration of both. I am prejudiced, but that doesn't matter because she actually is an exceptional young woman. And she is also very beautiful...inside and out.

Maegan spent many years in choir and has an unbelievable voice. Those of you who attended LeLe's wedding, can attest to that. This just turned 18-year-old took it upon herself to contact the choir director at the college she was interested in. She set up her own interview, proceeded to said interview and wowed the director. He was so impressed, he offered her a full scholarship on the spot. She took the bull by the horns and made her own magic. We are all amazed by her.

I can remember when she was born, and how her paternal grandmother wondered at her beautiful little cupid's bow mouth. She never lost that cupid's bow. She named her first dog "Bowser" and laughed when we reminded her last night. Another of her aunt's was saying that she's always smiling...she's a fun girl. She gets it from her mother....(my sister)
We are so proud of her. And we all reminded her that when she is some big famous performer at Disney World or Branson, she has to get us free tickets and backstage passes. It's the law.

Congratulation Mae. We love you.


LeLe said...

Oh, to be 18 again! That picture we took of her and me turned out really well. I'll send it to you.

Michelle said...

I know! I remember BP being pregant with her!!! Crazy! She did grow into a beautiful woman!