Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Today, May 7, 2008 is my 31rst wedding anniversary. Two years ago, both of us totally forgot it. I mean the day had come and gone and neither one of us remembered until about a week later. How sad is that? We both thought it was hilarious. Goes to show how much importance we place on dates. ;) But, I remembered this year and even reminded SR. His card today thanked me for reminding him. HAA! And he presented me with a lovely necklace. I in turn gave him several books he'd been wanting. He loves the Western genre.

Happy Anniversary to us. Here's to 31 more....


LeLe said...

I knew what you were gettin'!!! And also, those pictures STILL crack me up. Daddy looks like a mountain man.

Les said...

Mrs. B,
Happy anniversary! You two make a great couple. It's good for us young married Christian couples to look to you guys for a good example of what a Christian marriage should be.