Friday, February 22, 2008

What a Week!

The flu epidemic is ongoing and we have all been exhausted at work. I've been working so much overtime that I can barely function. And it's not the kind of overtime where you are paid above the normal wage. Since our clinic is only actually open 36 hours a week, it takes a lot of overtime to get to extra pay. I did pass that mark this pay period though. Most folks work a 40 hour week with no trouble. For me, working all those hours and over those hours in four days is really hard on my body. Thankfully, we have plans to help deal with the work load and I'm hopeful it will make a difference.

All this has brought me once again to my knees before my God. Right where I'm supposed to be in the first place. Guess I got too big for my britches and thought I was doing so well. Not. Adversity gives Him a chance to "show His stuff" and I take great comfort in that. There are others close to me that are hurting and I've been in prayer for them as well. I'm often guilty of saying a quick prayer for them, and there is nothing wrong with that from time to time, but I've been in serious prayer for them as well as myself. I really hate that it takes negative things to bring me to a place of submission and reverence. I'm so thankful He forgives me time and time again.

At least it's the weekend and that's always good. I wish I had more fun filled banter to share, but hopefully I will have more positive things to share before long. Spring isn't too far away and I can look forward to flowers and yard work. That always brightens me up.


Les said...

I like it when God "shows His stuff" too! Hopefully, flu season will pass quickly.

Sooz said...

I hope flu season ends soon! God is good and he knows exactly when we need him the most.

LeLe said...

I saw on Daybreak this morning that gardening is good for the heart and can even be considered exercise. Maybe I'll come over and help... :)

Thank God for the after-hours clinic! I'm wiped out but glad there was somewhere to go after normal working hours. And I'm glad God is faithful! It was good talking to you twice today.

Michelle said...

Yes, overtime is crappy if you don't get it is for me. :-( Hope you are well rested this weekend!