Friday, February 8, 2008

Computers, Love'm....Hate'm?

At one time, the computer saved me from losing my mind. Growing up five miles from a very small town, out in the country, doesn't give you much to do. Not saying it was a bad thing, just a bit on the tame, boring, lonely side most of the time. At a previous job, I learned all about the computer and it came to be a great friend of mine. Too much so it would seem at the time. My children lament the fact that during a period of months, (maybe years) I barely paid any attention to them because I was on "that computer" doing research, and making friends. Well, when you live that far away from activities, and your husband works the 3-11 shift, with no weekends off, you find friends any way you can. So, I lived on the computer at work and at home. Caused quite a bit of strife with my family relations. Thank goodness it passed and I was able to put it in perspective and unchain myself.

Now, (to me) the computer is a great tool. I can buy things I need, continue my genealogy research, and correspond with friends, not to mention keep files easily searchable at work, etc. But, it has lost a lot of its attraction. By the time I get home from work, I don't want to even see one. But, I read the blogs of friends and some strangers, and I do visit with a friend now and then. I don't sleep, eat, breathe and live it like I did. With an empty nest, maybe I should stay on it a little more on those days when I'm bored and alone, but it doesn't have the same "zing" it once had. Daily life is packed and tiring and my escape isn't in cyberspace any longer. It's in a nap.....


Sooz said...

I love naps and tend to dislike the computer a lot especially at home. I have two screens I have to see on my desk at work daily and by the time I am home that is the last thing I want to see. Ugh! There is more to life than the puter.

LeLe said...

Mmmm, naps. I much prefer naps to the computer.

I think all this technology that has been used to save us time really has caused more of a microwave society. Catch 22.