Friday, February 8, 2008

Experiencing God

LeLe has mentioned the "Experiencing God" Bible study, but my experiencing God has been on a more personal level. Have you ever heard God's voice in your head? I mean, really have an immediate answer to a prayer? I believe the Holy Spirit speaks to you in a different way than God the Father. The Holy Spirit prompts you in the right direction when you are uncertain, He prays for you with utterings that are not understandable, and He convicts you of sin and wrong doing. But God the Father, speaks directly to your mind and heart. Much the same as in the days of Abraham, only we don't hear His voice with our ears. Or I don't anyway.

There are countless times that I pray, and I don't hear a thing. My prayers seem to evaporate as soon as they are said. I am so distracted by day to day trials and stress, that I really struggle to settle and come to a real conversation with God. On occasion, I do have a real one-on-one conversation, but I don't really know how it happens. It just does. Yesterday was just such an occasion and it never stops surprising me. I was praying for something I had prayed about several times, with no answer and no direction. But yesterday morning, the second, no the milli-second the prayer was said, I heard His voice. "B, do your job, mind your own business and I will take care of it." WHOA! Ok Lord, you got it. So now, do I tell anyone what just happened? Or is that bragging? "Tell it. It is your witness." So I shared it with my co-workers, who were comforted by it. And I supposed that is the most important thing, is it not?


Sooz said...

That is perfect. I love when he gives immediate results!

Michelle said...

Love it when this kinda stuff happens!

LeLe said...

Very cool. I hardly ever get those immediate answers, which is probably my fault for not taking the time to get on my knees and really have a one-on-one conversation with Him.