Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Questions and Answers

Ok, so all you garden smart folks take a look see...

What, pray tell, is this? It's all over the brush on the south side of my house. It's rather nice looking and the berries are very pretty. I find sprigs of it trying to grow in the middle of my yard and in my flower bed.

And we know now, that my bush and trees are not going to make it. So sad.

After Y asked me if it was possible that the poison ivy killer got into the roots, I thought that was what must have happened. I can't see the entire tree dying this way, just because it caught a spray of it in the air.  So, we will be replacing two cedar trees and a rhododendron this fall. If we can find them to purchase.

1 comment:

Y said...

The vine looks like wild grape. I'd want to do some careful checking before I made jelly out of them, though! Our bronze muscadines are about the same size right now. If they'e coming up everywhere you most likely have all your birds to thank!