Monday, July 19, 2010

Dog Days

Not much going on these days. Too much heat I suppose. I've been doing some quilting and loving on Little Man Win, and not much else.

Our church hired a new pastor yesterday. I am hoping and praying that this is a new chapter in our church life and he is what God wants for us. We've been 16 months without a pastor. The summer has been a little slow, as always, but here's hoping we see a big change with a new pastor when school starts again and things get back to normal.

Here are some photos of LMW from yesterday afternoon.

Look at that face!

Oh my, and look at that tummy!!


LeLe said...

*dies* I couldn't have dreamed (dreamt?) up a cuter baby!!!

Y said...

I just don't know how a bunch of people could possibly look any happier!!! That little face is saying, Whooo-hoo! Lucky ME!!!

Les said...

Love the pics! Keep 'em coming!