Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Break in the Rain

The last two days have been glorious. This is the time of year when April Showers bring May Flowers though, so it's not sunny every day. I took the opportunity to work in the flower beds in the front yard, and to add a new bed during the three days of sunshine we've had lately. They were not consecutive days, so a bit at a time was done. I'm posting the before and after photos.

We added some cedar mulch to the two existing beds, after clearing out the old ugly lava rock.

I then planted some Hostas between the Azaleas in the higher bed.

I will add some flowering plants in a another couple of weeks when the garden centers have more to choose from.

The next sunny day, I started creating a bed along side the garage wall.
Before I started:

Next step:

Getting the edging down and even, and adding a paver to hold a large pot. We hope this will help camouflage the foundation stucco, and be a nice addition.


There is an Elephant Ear planted in the pot and waiting to sprout into large green leaves, and I will add some flowering plants later, when I add them to the other bed. All in all, a good week's work I'd say.

I have several other projects in the works. I bought an old metal bed and will begin transforming it into something nicer for my guest bedroom. We have made plans to replace our old carpet and vinyl flooring with wood laminate and toward the last of the month, we hope to get that installed. I will of course, post before and after shots of those things, in case anyone is interested.

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Y said...

INTERESTED???!!!!! I can hardly wait!! Love the cedar mulch. Can't wait to see flowers blooming!