Monday, April 20, 2009

More on Mom

We visited the oncologist this afternoon. All scans and labs show Mom is still cancer free. She has been dealing with low back pain, that has been almost debilitating, so the doctor is going to set her up with a spine doctor to see if he can give her any relief. She has not been able to walk more than a few feet without having severe pain. That makes it hard to do the things she loves, such as work in the yard, and go shopping. Hopefully, things will get better soon.

On a different topic, I've agreed to work one day a week at the clinic. It will give me something to do away from the house, give me a little spending moolah, and help them out. I don't really miss the work at all, but I do miss the girls. We will see if this works out well for all of us.

The rain has kept me from doing much in the yard. I hope to get out there tomorrow, and plant a few more flowers. I now have about a dozen Goldfinches that keep my bird feeders empty. The bright yellow and black birds are beautiful to see first thing every morning, rain or shine.

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