Thursday, July 12, 2012

Skipping Out

I haven't posted since July 1, and it seems I'm skipping out on my old friend BLines. I guess my mind just doesn't come up with post topics like it used to, all full of family and life issues.

The heat in Arkansas has finally abated some, we got a little rain, and we are breathing a little easier, even though we are still in a burn ban. This global warming thing is for the birds.

I've not done a whole lot of anything this summer except play with LMW. He's a full time job and as he matures it gets harder and harder to keep him occupied without wreaking havoc and mayhem. You can clearly see that below.
You have to laugh at his antics. Trying to curb them is not possible. The terrible twos have arrived with a vengeance.  *trying to grin*

My son and daughter-in-law just closed on a new home and moved in this weekend. They are excited and overwhelmed. And SR and I are tickled pink they are so close now. They have settled in the Bryant, AR area and it's only a 45 minute drive from my house to theirs. Woo Hoo!! Here's a photo of their house.
And this is a shot of their house warming gift from us.
On the sewing front, I've relaxed and begun some simple hand sewn quilt tops. I'm going to take my time and just enjoy the process. I have done some commissioned pieces for baby gifts, and that helps keep me going and making a little moolah. Emphasis on the word little.

I'm headed to the local quilt shop in a few, to scope out their wares and see if they actually have anything that catches my eye. They aren't very fully stocked, probably because of the size of our little town, but I'm a little tired of the same old thing that Walmart offers. I have another commissioned baby set and I need some inspiration!

Enjoy your Thursday ladies!


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Life, family, summer - yes, a time consumer. You need to step into a better 'fabric' world than Walmart.

Linda said...

Life is definitely busy! Taking care of grandkids can be exhausting since we want to spend time with them and keep them entertained. The house is beautiful. It will be nice to have them close to you.

Would you be willing to share names o any of patterns for the baby quilts you have made? I have several to make this fall and winter and would like something new.

God Bless!